Get out there, with a full picnic basket and a blanket and gather new impressions. Surely we will “show” a good program, but what and how much is included, determines you alone and the weather. We open your eyes to the beauty of the landscape, tell you of the attractions along the way, pause where you like it.

Of course, you need not to bring your own vehicle for travel. Slow Mosel chauffeurs you in a comfortable van or - if you love vintage cars - in an original sky blue soft top Beetle, built in 1960.

With the top down and relaxed pace rolling over the country roads is one of the most beautiful forms to discover new landscapes. Expert guidance then explains the cultural landscape and the most beautiful spots to be visited; you can lie back completely relaxed and be sure to be very richly rewarded with wonderful landscape impressions. You set the pace, where to go next and when the time comes to rest. Slow Mosel is always at your side and advises you, what options are spontaneously available.

Please refer to our General Terms and Conditions. Max. 1-3 people participate at Beetle rides. Please understand that these trips only go about half a day and at classic car trips the safety conditions that correspond to the level of the 1960s. For that you will enjoy the journey as it was then. Just go out with the picnic basket and a blanket.