Like a silver band, the broad stream of the Moselle winds through the green valley. Rugged cliffs with ancient sites were already the epitome of romantic landscapes in the 19th Century. They were also the starting point and the goal of the early tourism excursion and have not lost their charm until today.

The side valleys of the Mosel are still among the most sparsely populated regions of Germany. Plenty of space to simply take time to enjoy a piece of land for yourself. And yet the former inhabitants have left their mark on this rich cultural landscape even in the remotest corners.

Graceful small towns tell of ancient stories that invite you to stroll and inspire cosy weekend pleasure. We design your very own excursion, a surprise gift for the dearest in the world, your honeymoon or just a spontaneous reward for a stressful time.

Slow Mosel knows the most idyllic places on the river with small side roads through picturesque valleys. We show you where even in the cold winter any snow melts away there already at ten clock in the morning and go to the places of strength which our ancestors already knew well.

The program is dependent on the current mood and we will all adjust to you. The day is designed just for you. Tell us your wish, we will do our best. The Moselle countryside gives us many romantic places for unforgettable moments.

Duration: One day guided tour (9 am to 6 pm) or Half-day tour of five hours